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Dixie & The Chiropractor
Featuring Dixie Comet & Nate Liquor

Dixie's starting to think that having to see the chiropractor over and over is a scam. She doesn't think he's helping that much & rolls her eyes at his use of the word adjustment. She's a huge brat and his hands linger longer on her shoulders, he's feeling the vertebra in the neck, trying to remember something he leaned not to do in school. She calls him out on his pause & he makes a quick movement, knocking her out.

Admitting his creepiness, he unbuttons her blouse to take a look and a grope. He tosses her limp arms around, pulls up her skirt, and removes her sexy lace panties to reveal her smooth, shaved pussy. He plunges his fingers in, adding spit for lubrication, commenting on his professionalism. He prods around in her tight pussy - there are adjustments that can be made in there, but they've fallen out of fashion for some reason. Dixie is quickly turning into his favorite patient. He moves up the table, unzipping his pants and dropping them to the floor. He bounces his hard cock on her face before wrapping her limp fingers around his cock and beginning to stroke. He digs in her open mouth for spit and fucks her limp hand until he cums all over her exposed torso. He pulls her clothes mostly back together - plausible deniability, and silently prays that he'll be able to wake her back up. He carefully readjusts her neck and she wakes right back up. Didn't even notice she was out.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Medical Fetish, Medical Clinic, Groping, Limp Play

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12 minutes


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Kym's Pinched Nerve
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kymberly Jane goes to the doctor with a pinched nerve in her neck. Her neck is so stiff she can only really turn it in one direction. The doctor asks her which side is sore and Kym demonstrates by turning her head left, then right. When she turns right, her eyes roll back and she passes out.

Tempted, the doctor reaches out and gropes her large breasts for a moment before shaking himself out of it. He waves a vial of ammonia salts under her nose to revive her. Kym realizes that she's been losing time, passing out every time she looks to the right. The doctor's diagnosis is Cervical Radiculopathy. He fits Kym with an inflatable neck brace and instructs her to wear it for a week.

Kym sits on the living room couch, reading in her neck brace. Stupidly, she tells her roommate Star about her condition. Star can't help but fuck with her, getting her to turn her head to the right to look for the remote. Kym passes out and Star slaps her face, convinced she's faking it. She tricks Kym into turning right a couple few more times, playing with her limp limbs and putting her in compromising positions.

Includes 6 kos, limp play, medical fetish, humor

13 minutes


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Lesbian Aversion Therapy
Featuring Cupcake Sinclair & Tim Woodman

Dr. Woodman presses his fingers together as his young patient explains her problem. A lifestyle issue. He barely suppresses a sneer as she explains how her girlfriend won't move in with her unless she comes out to her parents. He knows exactly how to fix her. He lights a candle and instructs her to gaze into the flame. He begins to induce her, preparing a rag with chloroform as he finishes the countdown. He clamps the rag down over her face, she still struggles, her eyes going white as she passes out.

He stands behind her kneading her tits before sitting beside her limp body, pulling up her skirt and rubbing her pussy through her satin panties. She begins to stir and he knocks her out again, he has just the right type of therapy for her condition. He rubs her limp hand over his cock, thrusting against it as he strokes her wet panties. He presses his lips up to hers, almost a kiss. She slowly wakes, mumbling questions. Once more he knocks her out with the rag, licking her cheek as she loses consciousness. He walks around her, loosening his belt. He rubs his hard cock against her soft, limp lips. He fucks her face until he cums. Covering her mouth and tilting her head back, he forces her to swallow.

Finally, he gets back to the hypnotherapy. He leaves an impression before waking her. From now on, she'll only be able to get off if there's a hard cock in her mouth. She's forgotten all about her little girlfriend, the love of her life.

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3X KOs, Limp Fetish, Hypnosis, Limp Blow Job, Limp Play, Medical Fetish

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Waiting for the Doctor
Featuring Sinn Sage

Sinn fidgets in the exam room. It seems like she's been waiting forever. She drinks her water and toys with the medical instruments. She begins to feel sleepy, then woozy. She stands, but stumbles immediately. Her eyes cross and flutter as she loses consciousness.

As Sinn wakes, she notices her shirt is gone. Confused she calls out for the doctor, as she stands she begins to feel woozy again. Sinn makes her way toward the door, grasping the handle, rattling it desperately. She's locked in. More gas seeps into the room, her breathing grows labored. She collapses to the floor.

This time she snaps awake in a straitjacket! Her pants are missing. She yells out, threatens legal action as she struggles in the straitjacket on the floor.

Finally she sees the Doctor. He reaches in to sedate her, injecting her in the thigh.

Sinn mumbles on the exam table, her eyes dart back and forth under her heavy, closed lids. She moans. The Doctor's hand creeps in. He squeezes her IV bag, pushing her further into a deep sleep.

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3X KOs, Medical Sedation, Straightjacket, Medical Clinic, Medical Fetish, Limp Fetish

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Patient, Inmate, Nurse
Featuring Gigi Lynn & Star Nine

Star doesn't even look up from her phone when the doctor walks in. It's such a hassle, just to get her pill. Star pushes Dr. GiGi over the edge, she plunges the needle into Star's neck, completes the physical with her limp.

Star comes to, confused. She asks why she's naked and GiGi knocks her right back out.

Confusion is the first sign of mental illness, GiGi remarks. She has a special treatment for Star. She comes back in with the straitjacket & sits her limp patient up on the exam table. Star wobbles, her limp body crashes to the floor.

Awake, in the straitjacket, Star is freaking out, threatening to scream. She sees GiGi prepare the needle. Terror. She yells for the nurse.

There is no nurse, but GiGi thinks it will be fun to play dress up. She pulls Star's limp limbs out of the straitjacket and into a skimpy little nurses uniform.

Star quietly awakes as GiGi turns to tidy up the exam room. She quietly steps to the door and calls for help. GiGi puts her back out, but the administrator has finally heard Star's calls. He confronts Dr. GiGi, sees the needle in her hand and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

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5X Medical KOs, Med Gyno, Medical Fetish, Straight Jacket, Nurse Costume, Limp Fetish

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