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Neck Brace
Featuring Cupcake SinClair & Tim Woodman

Cupcake SinClair has tweaked her neck & visits the doctor to have it checked out. In the meantime, her grandmother has lent her an inflatable brace. Cupcake sits on the exam table, wearing her brace. Waiting.

Dr. Woodman enters. He is immediately critical of her brace. He warns that over the counter medical devices can cause permanent damage - they should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional. He asks her a few questions and returns with a sinister looking tray of implements. He moves behind her, feigns examining her neck, plunges a syringe into her. Cupcake's eyes go wide. She loses focus. Goes limp.

Dr. Woodman is creative, he finds any excuse to amuse himself at work. The vintage neck brace could absolutely cause a patient to lose consciousness, maybe even induce paralysis - pushing the vertebra dangerously apart when misused.

He plays with his limp patient. He exposes and enjoys her breasts. Removes her panties. Performs an unnecessary pelvic exam. She has a full bush and he plays with her, running cold metal over her sensitive bits before spreading her pink hole open with the speculum.

When she wakes, he informs her that she'll need to stay overnight for observation. He hands her a gown and stays as she puts it on. He enjoys the show. Knocks her out again once she has that pesky clothing off.

A passing administrator sees him knock her out. Star enters and berates Dr. Woodman - he's single handedly responsible for the huge spike int he hospital's insurance premiums. Dr. Woodman surprises her with the needle. She falls across the exam table next to the patient. He exposes her breasts, takes some pictures with his cellphone.

Includes 3x medical KOs, limp play, eye checks, gyne exam

15 minutes


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Featuring Cupcake SinClair & Star Nine

She wants me to cure her. I tell her it's impossible, unethical. I can't change who she is, no one can. I offer to perform some techniques, help to ground her, make her more comfortable with herself. We try hypnosis, but it's obvious she doesn't believe in it. Luckily I have a couple of other, older, techniques on hand.

I show her the chloroform. She's concerned, isn't it dangerous? Not in the hand of a trained professional. I knock her out. Her eyes roll under her glasses and quickly shut. I play with her limp body, strip down to my bra and graze her curious hand along my breast. I caress her, begin to strip her. I press my flesh against hers and kiss her. She begins to wake. I pull back, reach for the cloth in case she isn't ready yet.

She wasn't expecting this. She doesn't yell, doesn't scream, but she is questioning. Visibly uncomfortable.

I put her back under. Time for stronger tools. I plug in the hitatchi, I explain to her unconscious body how this tool was invested to help repressed women. I push her limp legs apart and pick a speed. I tweak one of her nipples. Her hungry body responds quickly. An orgasm ripping her back awake. She arches and moans, sits up to kiss and thank me.

Includes 2x chloroform kos, limp play, lesbian, medical fetish

16 minutes


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Induced Sleep
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Star sits in the exam room, kicking her bare feet. She's wearing loose comfortable clothing as instructed. She's been waiting for awhile. She glances at the iv bag hanging next to her. Dr. Woodman enters and takes her blood pressure. They joke back and forth as he gets her to lie down & preps the iv. He has her count down from 100 and she's out in moments. Her eyes glaze and shut, the whites flickering for a moment.

He snaps his fingers in her face, no response. He has to make sure she's out. He checks her heartbeat, pulls on her nipples, checks her eyes. No response. There's a special event tonight, and Star is going to be the main attraction.

He does a pelvic exam, inserts a speculum, makes sure she's clean. As he cranks the speculum open she stirs. He adjusts the iv. She opens her eyes, mumbles, out of it. Why is it so bright? He increases the flow and her eyes close. Back to his exam, he flashes his light in her opened cavity. Satisfied, he removes the speculum and plays with her limp limbs. he checks her eyes again before picking her up in a cradle carry. He carts her, iv and all, into the long hallway. There are many doors off the hallway - not all exam rooms. He carries her into a dimly lit room, places her on a piece of dungeon furniture. It's almost time for the party to begin.

Includes 2x medical KOs, eyechecks, gyne exam, limp play, medical exam, lift & carry, medical clinic

11 minutes


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Sleep Study 2
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star is really anxious. She can't help but remember what happened last time she tried to make some quick cash with a medical study. Dixie tells her that she's paranoid, it's her anxiety, she should check off the box for anxiety on the medical history form. Star mutters something about sleep gas as she passes out on Dixie's lap.

Star was right to be concerned, it's a different waiting room, different attendant, different paperwork . . . but by the time Dixie agrees they should leave, the two girls are unable to make it off the couch as they are knocked out over and over and over again.

Includes multiple KOs by gas, drugging, chloroform & knock out spray.

17 minutes


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Limp Play Flatline
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Star is making out with her EMT boyfriend on the couch. Between kisses she tells him that she wants to try what they discussed last night - she wants him to put her to sleep. Lance is resistant, insisting that it's too dangerous - her heart could stop. He doesn't take too much convincing though. They've both fantasized about taking limp play to the next level.

Lance gives Star a sedative which takes her to the edge of consciousness. She staggers and struggles to keep upright. Her body pressed up against his as they make out. He cradle carries her around the room to the sofa. She digs her heels in to stay stable as he leaves to get the paralytic. Her body glistens with sweat. She slips off the sofa and falls flat on her stomach. Her eyes glaze over. Her breathing is visibly labored.

Lance returns, groping her legs and ass before lifting her off the floor. He checks her vitals and positions her on his lap, stripping her. He asks her to squeeze his hand if she still wants to paralytic. Star just barely manages to react.

Extremely aroused that his girlfriend is still in there, aware but unable to move, Lance plunges the needle into her neck. As the paralytic courses through her system, Star begins to judder and shake. Her legs clatter into the floor.

Lance enjoys his limp girlfriend. He carries her around and positions her on his body, kissing, groping, and grinding. He begins to remove his clothing in between playing with her.

Eventually he stops. Something's wrong. She's not breathing! He frantically carries her to the floor, running from the room to get his EMT carryall. He performs mouth to mouth & CPR on her lifeless body. Her legs bounce from the strong chest compressions but he can't get her to breath!

He applies AED pads to her glistening chest and shocks her with the defibrillator. The shocks jolt her body, thrusting her hips and legs up into the air. No success. Lance repeats 5 rounds of M2M, CPR & Defibs. Finally Star sputters back to life. He rolls her into the recovery position. Extremely aroused, she reaches back for him, groaning with arousal as they passionately make out.

Includes limp play, paralytic, medical death, 6 cradle carries, resuscitation, CPR, defibrillator

35 minutes


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