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Limp Play Flatline
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Star is making out with her EMT boyfriend on the couch. Between kisses she tells him that she wants to try what they discussed last night - she wants him to put her to sleep. Lance is resistant, insisting that it's too dangerous - her heart could stop. He doesn't take too much convincing though. They've both fantasized about taking limp play to the next level.

Lance gives Star a sedative which takes her to the edge of consciousness. She staggers and struggles to keep upright. Her body pressed up against his as they make out. He cradle carries her around the room to the sofa. She digs her heels in to stay stable as he leaves to get the paralytic. Her body glistens with sweat. She slips off the sofa and falls flat on her stomach. Her eyes glaze over. Her breathing is visibly labored.

Lance returns, groping her legs and ass before lifting her off the floor. He checks her vitals and positions her on his lap, stripping her. He asks her to squeeze his hand if she still wants to paralytic. Star just barely manages to react.

Extremely aroused that his girlfriend is still in there, aware but unable to move, Lance plunges the needle into her neck. As the paralytic courses through her system, Star begins to judder and shake. Her legs clatter into the floor.

Lance enjoys his limp girlfriend. He carries her around and positions her on his body, kissing, groping, and grinding. He begins to remove his clothing in between playing with her.

Eventually he stops. Something's wrong. She's not breathing! He frantically carries her to the floor, running from the room to get his EMT carryall. He performs mouth to mouth & CPR on her lifeless body. Her legs bounce from the strong chest compressions but he can't get her to breath!

He applies AED pads to her glistening chest and shocks her with the defibrillator. The shocks jolt her body, thrusting her hips and legs up into the air. No success. Lance repeats 5 rounds of M2M, CPR & Defibs. Finally Star sputters back to life. He rolls her into the recovery position. Extremely aroused, she reaches back for him, groaning with arousal as they passionately make out.

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Limp Fetish, CPR, Paralytic, Medical Death, Limp Play, Lift & Carry

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Nurse Dixie
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Nurse Dixie questions her patient about her symptoms while she takes her blood pressure. Star is resistant, won't talk to her, wants to wait for the doctor. Dixie quietly snaps, she's sick of patients disrespecting her medical training.

Dixie pretends to look for her stethoscope. She soaks a rag with chloroform and clamps her hand over Star's nose and mouth. Star struggles, she tries to push Dixie away but the drug takes hold, her eyes flutter back as she goes limp.

Nurse Dixie strips the patient, playing with her limp limbs before calling in the doctor.

Dr. Woodman is not impressed. This is the third one this week! He tests Star's limp limbs and examines her limp body, but he can't really diagnose the patient without knowing her symptoms! She begins to come to and he asks the nurse for the rag. Dixie & Dr. Woodman hold her down and try to question her, but she's too agitated & Dr. Woodman knocks her back out. They'll have to put her in psych like the others. Dr. Woodman leaves the room to make arrangements, telling the nurse to keep an eye on her - no funny business.

Dixie takes out her strap-on and applies surgical lube to the patient's exposed pussy. She fucks Star's limp body, pulling her close. The doctor returns as Dixie is finishing. He clamps the rag over her mouth and nose, the psych ward has two beds open. He drags the nurse's limp body out of the room before returning to carry Star out. Star begins to stir and he places the rag over her mouth. Her eyes flutter gently as she goes deeper. He pulls her limp body into his arms and carries her out of the room.

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4X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Eye Check, Strap-On, Medical Clinic, Limp Fetish

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Petite Patient
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Star Nine & Nate Liquor

The nurse finishes taking Odette's medical history. She flips to the emergency contact form and notices that Odette lists her out of state mother . . . she confirms that Odette lives alone. Tells her the doctor will be along in a minute.

Nurse Star tells the doctor that she has a patient he will be particularly interested in. She knows he has a proclivity for petites & delights in presenting them to him.

The doctor examines Odette, a general physical. He has her lower her dress, exposing her tiny breasts, to check her heartbeat. She looks away as he injects her with a strong sedative, pretending to take her blood. Her eyelids grow heavy as the drug courses through her veins. She blinks as she nods off.

The nurse assists in cataloging the patient. The doctor measures Odette's skull & limp limbs. They strip her and wonder about her sexual response. The nurse notes that she does have an IUD.

Odette wakes, confused. Nurse Star caresses her face gently as the doctor puts her back out. They hold her arms up as she goes limp again. They roll her over and spread her shaven pussy. The doctor listens to her heartbeat while the nurse applies the hitatchi. The nurse notes that her labial tissue is responsive. Her heartbeat quickens. Her nubile body arches as she awakens. She cums loudly, a long drawn out orgasm pulling her back to consciousness.

The doctor plunges the needle into her arm once again. They easily redress her tiny limp body. When she wakes, the nurse explains that she fainted. Sends her home with a bloodwork requisition & instructions to take an iron supplement . . .

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3X Medical KOs, Limp Play, Eye Checks, Medical Procedures, Medical Fetish, Forced Orgasms

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The Fiance
Featuring Larkin Love & Star Nine

Star's boyfriend recently left her for Larkin and she's certain that there could only be one reason why. When Star shows up at Larkin's door, Larkin mistakenly believes that she must be there to congratulate her on the engagement. Skipping the pleasantries, Star soaks a cloth with chloroform while Larkin talks. She can't believe the engagement wasn't just a rumor. She clamps the wet cloth over Larkin's nose and mouth, cursing her as her eyes flutter shut.

Star examines the ring, digging through the various steel tools she brought. She finds the correct one and uses it to cut the ring off of Larkin's finger. Larkin is horrified when she comes to & Star shows off her handiwork. Larkin insists that he loves her, but Star knows she just trapped him. She knocks Larkin out again and begins to strip her, bouncing her limp limbs around in her hands. When Larkin regains a bit of consciousness, Star pretends to help her as she preps her for her at home medical procedure.

With Larkin knocked out again, Star lays out her tools - speculum, forceps, curette. When her boyfriend finds out Larkin was lying about being pregnant, he'll come running back to her. Larkin awakes just in time to see Star putting away her tools. Star quickly puts Larkin back out, leaving her a nude, drooling mess.

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4X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Eye Checks, Medical Procedures, Medical Fetish, Med Gyno

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Prison Nurse
Featuring Star Nine

Nurse Star finishes prepping a very dangerous prisoner for transport. She carelessly sets her things down as she turns to answer the phone - transport has been delayed. She turns back to see the chair she had secured her patient to empty. Her eyes widen, he creeps up behind her and clamps his hand over her mouth. He injects the sedative that she so carelessly let out of her sight into her kneck and her eyes roll as she goes limp.

Now Star is bound to the wheelchair, her mouth pushed open by a ball-gag. She tries to call for help, pushing the chair over to the phone painstakingly with her feet. She's unsuccessful al making the call - spying a pair of scissors on the other side of the room, she makes her way to those. She manages to manuever them into her hand, but can't get the job done before her patient returns to check on her, he knocks her out again.

Now she is bound on the bed, her uniform missing, the patient nowhere in sight. She struggles to free herself from the ropes, rolling around in her bra & pantyhose.

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Limp Fetish, 2X Medical KOs, Hand Over Mouth, Bondage, Damsel In Distress, Medical Fetish

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