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Sleep Study
Featuring Andrea Rosu & Star Nine

Andrea Rosu & Star Nine have signed up for a paid sleep research study to make a little extra cash. They joke in the waiting room as they fill out the paperwork. They imagine they are going to be hooked up to beeping machines and expected to sleep. Little do they know, the experiments have already begun . . .

Andrea begins to feel the effects first. Star notices, is she okay? Andrea shakes it off and drinks some more of the water they were given when they arrived. Soon she is having a hard time keeping her eyes open. Star tries to check on Andrea, shaking her arm, but the drug has crept up on her as well and the words out of her mouth slur as she passes out across Andrea's lap.

The Doctor has woken them up and handed them white gauze soaked in "aromatherapy oils" to relax them - they must have both fainted from stress. The girls argue that they aren't prone to fainting as they inhale the fumes from the white cloths. Star puts hers down first, it's giving her a headache - she soon slips into a barely conscious state, her eyes fluttering. Andrea puts down her patch of gauze and tries to help Star. The Doctor reaches in and knocks Andrea out with the fumes before placing the cloth over Star's nose to push her along to complete unconciousness.

They awaken again, only to be knocked out with a spray to the face. When they regain consciousness the next time, they threaten to leave but are too weak to fight the Doctor off as he injects each of them in the arm.

Regaining consciousness a final time, Andrea & Star find that their heads are actually feeling pretty clear. They cautiously stand up and start to leave, but the study isn't over yet. As they step forward they begin to feel the effects of the invisible gas filling the room.

Includes 5 KOs, 4 medical, 1 gassing

17 minutes


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Test Subject
Featuring Ludella Hahn & Star Nine

Ludella Hahn is anxious to get to work. Dr. Nine has hired her as a personal assistant and brought her to a European research conference. They sit in their hotel suite. Star has her tablet out, taking notes. Ludella asks if they shouldn't get down to the conference. Star replies that there will be plenty of time for that later. She fiddles with a syringe and a vial of medicine. Ludella asks if she is diabetic. Star tells Ludella that what she holds in her hand is far more valuable than insulin.

Star lunges at Ludella and empties the syringe into her arm. Ludella's eyes glaze over, then close, as she loses conciousness. Star takes notes on her test subject. She checks her eyes, takes her pulse, plays with her limp body. Ludella begins to exhibit signs of regaining conciousness fairly early - interesting, the half life is shorter than Star had predicted. She will have to try a higher dose.

Star prepares the dose as Ludella wakes up. Star questions her about side effects. Ludella is not pleased. She doesn't want to be a test subject! Star tells her that it's the only way, she couldn't get approval for human testing in the US, she's been working on this project for over a decade. Ludella wants to leave. Star reminds her that the front desk has their passports and that her name is not on the room. Ludella runs for the phone. Star plunges the needle into her neck before she can dial down. Ludella slumps over the desk and Star pulls her up, keeping her from falling limply to the floor. She takes her pulse. Realizes her mistake, she shoud have started high and tested down, now she'll have to wait until tomorrow to get usefull results, Ludella is too out of it. She slaps her awake. Ludella tries to stand and can't. She manages to get up on the second try and slowly stumbles towards the door. Star helps her to the bed & gives her one last dose to calm her down. She needs to sleep it off. They'll try again in the morning.

Includes 3X medical KOS, eye checks, limp play, medical research, human test subject

13 minutes


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Star & The Resort Doctor
Featuring Star Nine & Jack Cummings

Dr. Cummings has a pretty sweet set up. An endless parade of female patients complaining of simple things related to being in a different climate. This one feels flushed in the humidity. This one has a racing heart beat . . . a mild bellyache. All simple things to treat, and he utilizes the same treatment in every case. His patients may be suspicious, but they'll be leaving the island sooner or later when their vacations are over.

Today his patient is a pretty young blonde complaining of a rapid heartbeat. He takes her pulse & it is high. He has the perfect thing to calm her down, but first he asks whether she's on anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, drank too much coffee? This one has an attitude on her that almost keeps him from enjoying her beauty. Almost.

She downs the oral sedative he gives her with no questions. He waits for it to kick in, asking her the normal pleasant questions about how she's enjoying the island, her vacation. She isn't. She's well traveled. This place was a mistake. Cultureless.

He questions her, anxious for the sedative to knock her out already. Sick of listening to her, he takes extreme measures, reaching for a rag of chloroform to speed the process along. He clamps the rag over her pretty, bitch, face and she struggles as she goes out.

Finally he can just enjoy her gorgeous, youthful body. He worships his patients breasts and belly button, strips the shirt off her limp body. He flicks his tongue over her belly button like a clit, then moves down to her feet removing her heels and enjoying the flavor of her soft soles.

Finally her moves up to her sweet young pussy, pulling down her panties and inhaling the clean, briney, scent. He manages to take a sample of her pussy juices for his collection before she comes to, confused and accusatory.

Includes medical clinic, medical fetish, foot worship, breast worship, belly button worship, eye checks, limp play, sample collection, trophy collection

15 minutes


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The Orthopedic Specialist 2
Featuring Serene Isley, Star Nine & David Andrews

Dr. Andrews loves his job. Young active women always seem to be running around, tripping & falling. It's just a shame that so few of them dress like classy ladies anymore, so rare to see pantyhose on their young legs.

His first patient of the day however, she's a perfect young lady - polite, demure, wearing hose . . . her injury is very swollen. He can't help himself, he gives her an injection. She's obviously afraid of needles. The drug takes hold quickly. She is limp and unconsious. He examines her breasts and runs his hands up her hosed legs. Time flies as he enjoys her limp limbs. She's going to have to come back in when the swelling goes down to be fitted for a brace or cast. He looks forward to seeing her again.

Later in the day, Star comes in with her arm in a sling. He knocks her out with a "mild painkiller" and examines her thoroughly as well, pulling down her panties and placing her limp body in odd positions to amuse himself, but he's not too disappointed when it's time for her to leave. He can't stop thinking about Miss Isley's nylon legs.

Finally Serene returns and he gets a chance to examine her again in the waiting room. This time he knocks her out with an oral sedative. He's so enamoured with her that he indulges himself more than usual - taking the time to taste her nylon feet.

Includes 3 x medical KOs, foot smelling, foot worship, limp play, eye checks

38 minutes


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The Orthopedic Specialist
Featuring Elizabeth Andrews, Candle Boxxx & David Andrews

Lizz is a stressed out career woman who has injured her right wrist - she has 5000 things to do, important meetings this afternoon. She tries to find a comfortable position as she sits in the waiting room of the Orthopedic Clinic. Dr. Andrews offers her what he describes as a mild pain killer. Soon she is unconcious. He admires her pantyhose and breasts while he plays with her limp limbs.

His next patient, Candle, hobbles in on crutches, bare legged besides the bandage wrapped around her injured leg. She questions his bedside manner as he roughly prods at her injury. She's so annoying, he wants to knock her out quickly. He forces her hand over the conscent form, tries to tell her that the injection is dye to help the X-Ray - she's suspicious, isn't that for CAT scans? He plunges the needle into her arm. Her eyes roll and cross as she passes out. Dr. Andrews performs a thorough examination now that she's silent and cooperative.

Includes 2 X medical KO, crutches, pantyhose, leg fetish, foot fetish

29 minutes


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