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Groupon Hypnotherapy
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Dr. Lance Hart has a problem retaining female patients, so he ran a Groupon to get new clients in.

Star bought the Groupon on a lark, she obviously doesn't take hypnosis seriously, but Dr. Hart doesn't need her to . . . he explains the candle induction technique, then moves behind her and creepily starts massaging her shoulders. He begins a countdown while soaking a rag with chloroform, when he gets to two he clamps it down over her face.

Mmmm, yes, this is exactly why he got into this line of work . . . the power of suggestion doesn't work on everyone though, chloroform really helps things along. He rubs his hand over his patient's black panties and smells her, pulls her over his lap and kisses her limp, parted lips. He takes his time positioning and grinding against her body. She comes two twice, screaming the second time, but he's not done with her yet. He puts her back out, then grinds more vigorously against her limp body until he cums in his pants. He knows better than to leave a mess.

As she awakens a final time, he hides the chloroform and explains away her confusion - he assures her she won't want to smoke again.

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3X Chloroform KOs, Limp Fetish, Limp Play, Limp Kissing, Simusex, Medical Fetish

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Couples Therapy
Featuring Jordana Leigh & Star Nine & Daniel Lee

Frustrated with her patients' lack of progress, Dr. Star has arranged for this session to take place in a more familiar environment - their home. Disappointed when the change of venue doesn't seem to encourage any progress, Star excuses herself to the restroom - signaling to Jordana's husband that it is time to try an alternate form of therapy. When Star returns, Daniel has removed his wife's clothing, seeing her body nude for the first time in months. Star explains the alternate form of therapy to Jordana before knocking her out again and leaving her in Daniel's care.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Fetish, Limp Play, Stripping, Medical Clinic, Medical Fetish

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Tatiana & The Resort Doctor
Featuring Tatiana Petrova & Jack Cummings

Tatiana has caught some sort of bug on her vacation, she visits the resort's medical clinic complaining of fever and dizziness. Dr Cummings has her lie down and briefly examines her before deciding that he'd like some alone time with this pretty patient. He places a chloroform soaked towel over Tatiana's forehead while he steps out of the room to tell the nurse to take her lunch.

The chloroform drifts to Tatiana's nostrils while she lies on the exam table. When he comes back in and places it over her airways she barely even struggles.

The Doctor tests his patient's pliability, wiggling her limp arms, bending and dropping her limp legs, before indulging himself. He doesn't take these risks too often. Maybe he heard something in her voice, her accent, that told him she would never say a word. He pulls up her top and plays with her tits. Clumsily removing her bra and sucking on the nipples

She begins to come to, now she's frightened, she doesn't know what's going on, can tell something is wrong. She struggles as he clamps the rag over her mouth and puts her back out.

He has to take his chance now. He removes her panties and examines her shaved pussy. It seems to be emanating heat and moisture. He drags her limp body down to the edge of the exam table and plunges his cock in. He's not finished with her yet when she comes to again. She's upset, accuses him of wrongdoing, but she doesn't flee when he leaves to tell the nurse to bring some equipment in . . . he's going to keep her for awhile.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Fetish, Limp Play, SimuSex, Medical Clinic, Med Gyno

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Vasovagal Response
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine & Levi

Star rushes into the living room calling out for her roommate Eve. She's accidentally cut her hand badly and needs assistance. Eve passes out at the sight of Star's wound. Star is shocked. She slaps Eve awake and convinces her to go get more towels for her to wrap her hand with. Eve manages to complete this task, but faints again while trying to help Star apply pressure. Obviously Eve is going to be no help at all, so Star calls for a paramedic.

When the medic arrives he rushes to Eve, figuring her for the patient. Star explains what's going on and he quickly fixes her hand with some surgical glue. Then he takes in the situation and decides to have a little fun, it's almost the end of his shift after all. With one roommate already unconscious it's easy for him to inject Star with a sedative while she stares in fascination at her hand. Star's eyes cross and flutter as she passes out. Eve begins to awaken and he tests out her Vasovagal response by waving the bloody paper towel in her face. As advertised, she faints yet again. This is going to be fun.

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3x Medical KOs, Multiple Faintings, Lift & Carry, Limp Fetish, Creepy Villainous Molestation, Sleep Fetish

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Trustfund Trauma
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Dr. Kendra James is sick of her rich, hypochondriac, patient Star. Star has therapy with her three times a week and has to make every little thing in life all about her. Dr. James devises a new treatment for Star. Her spoiled client obviously wishes something was really wrong with her so Dr. James decides to give her what she wants, some real repressed memories.

It's so easy to trick her rich patient - Kendra only has to suggest that the bottle of chloroform she holds is realy some special potion from Iceland. Star eagerly breaths in the noxious fumes from the soaked rag.

Kendra works Star's limp body over with a large strap-on cock, putting Star back out when she comes to. This should help her form some real, traumatic, repressed memories.

At the end of the session, they both feel like a real breakthrough has been made and Star is eager to return for her Wednesday session.

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3x chloroform KOs, Strap-on Blowjob, Strap-on Fucking, Strap-on Rape, Limp Play, Medical Fetish

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